Who we are

We are a group of individuals starting our journey of service with a place many of us call “home”: the village of Pokhrama in Bihar, District Lakhisarai. We aim to launch our projects in Pokhrama, and as we gather experience, take our Foundation to other villages in Bihar, and then Uttar Pradesh.

Our guiding philosophy

I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast the stone across the waters to create many ripples.

– Mother Teresa

Meet Our Team

Dr Nishtha G Singh
Dr Nishtha G SinghMember
Nishtha is a PhD in History from Princeton University. She has taught and done research in universities in India, the US and the UK. She now runs the Pokhrama Foundation
Garima Gaur Singh
Garima Gaur SinghMember
Garima has an MSc in Social Policy and Development from London School of Economics. She has worked for Barnardos, UK and for CRY and UNDP in India. She co-runs the Pokhrama Foundation.
Ajay K Singh
Ajay K SinghMember
Ajay has an MBA from IIM, Bangalore. He is the founder and CEO of Slayback Pharma. Ajay grew up in Pokhrama–the village after which the Foundation is named. Pokhrama has been his family’s home for many centuries. Acutely aware of the joys and challenges of Pokhrama, Ajay has chosen to venture into the service sector by starting from “home”!
Dr Yogesh Kumar
Dr Yogesh KumarMember
Dr Yogesh is a paediatrician in Patna. He completed his MBBS from University of Calicut, Kerala in 1999 and PG from Army Hospital Research & Referral in 2002. He is a son of Pokhrama – who went to school in the village – a Trustee of the Foundation, and doubles up as its Treasurer as well.
Gaurav Gaur
Gaurav GaurMember
Gaurav is an IIT, Mumbai alumnus and has an MBA from Cornell University. After a long career with banks in Mumbai, New York and London, he is now a full-time Art of Living teacher.
Swati Sinha
Swati SinhaMember
Swati is a lawyer practising in New Delhi. She specialises in dispute resolution with her main area of interest being bilateral investment treaty disputes and international commercial arbitrations.
Bhim is a Technical Analyst at Infosys, Chandigarh. Bhim did his BTech from GL Bajaj Institute of Technology & Management. He too grew up in Pokhrama.
Dr Deepak Kumar
Dr Deepak KumarMember
Dr Deepak is a research fellow at the cancer institute at the University of Mississippi Medical Centre (UMMC), USA engaged in active research on immunotherapy for prostate cancer
Gyan R Singh
Gyan R SinghMember
Gyan has an MBA from London Business School and currently works as the Vice President of Operations for Slayback Pharma.